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Silver Trucks

Established in 2003, Silver Trucks was created to fill a void in skateboarding. A truly innovative truck designed specifically for the style of modern day technical skating with the strength to withstand the harshest treatment. A tight, elite team of high level pro skaters and a diverse, universal amateur team support the forward movement of Silver Trucks. The Silver product line continues to expand with the pioneering M-Class, the premium L-Class and elite Pro-Class trucks. Perfect for all aspects of skateboarding.

Silver Trucks strives to develop the highest quality skateboard trucks and stands behind them with a lifetime warranty. If your Silver Trucks are not functioning properly due to a manufacturer defect or if you have broken your trucks while skateboarding, send them back to us and we will replace them. All parts are covered under warranty including the kingpin, axle, hanger and baseplate.
Send to:
Silver Trucks - c/o Warranty
175 - A6 Balboa St.
San Marcos, CA 92069

Warranty does not cover intentional breakage or defects due to misuse of product

Silver Trucks
Phone: 760-560-0440
Email: [email protected]

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