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Three Australian brothers: Stephen, Peter and Matt Hill, emerged out of Melbourne’s underground skateboard scene of the late 1970s with a passion for skateboarding that they channelled into the founding of a skateboard equipment importing business, Hardcore Enterprises. Their young company promoted skateboarding throughout Australia; initially with local demonstrations and then through a series of national super skateboard tours during the 1980s. Hardcore created both new markets and helped grow the Australian boardsports industry.

From their involvement with licensing and distribution during the streetwear fashion explosion of the 1990s and the rise of surf-influenced apparel, the Hills soon developed their own diversified proprietary labels including the skate footwear brand, Globe shoes. With domestic success and the subsequent expansion of Globe into North America and Europe, the company publicly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2001 as Globe International.

The acquisition of the dominant American skateboard company, Dwindle Distribution along with its manufacturing base, in 2002, further expanded Globe International’s brand stable across all sectors, including skate hardware, footwear and apparel. This allowed the company not only to invest in improved product design and technology, but to survive the subsequent economic downturns of the late 2000s.

Sensing a strategic gap in the Australian market, Globe spent several years developing the FXD workwear label which launched in 2012 and rapidly went on to carve out a significant market share along with more recent early forays into international territories. In 2017  the company acquired the San Diegan-based Salty Crew apparel brand and immediately expanded its footprint in the surf, fishing, diving and sail sectors both in North America and more internationally. Later that same year, the retro-inspired Impala Rollerskates were successfully launched around the world. Dwindle Distribution was sold with its associated brands in 2019 with Globe retaining the original manufacturing base in China.

The company continues to thrive with a multi-branded approach that encompasses both licensed and proprietary labels. Under this ever  evolving  stable of brands, the company designs and manufactures high end products across three product categories; apparel, footwear and skate hardgoods. After 35 years of commitment, tracing back to the original enthusiasm of the company’s founders and earliest staff, Globe International remains connected to its core markets.

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