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Emerica was launched in 1996, sponsors a team of skateboarders, and has produced the following videos: Yellow (1997), This Is Skateboarding (2003), Kids in Emerica (2005), Stay Gold (2010), MADE: Chapter One (2013), MADE: Chapter Two (2016), and Green (2020). The 2013 video, MADE: Chapter One, was offered to consumers at a price of their choosing, with a minimum price of US$1.00 established.

In July 2013, the brand released its "Workwear" line with the Andrew Reynolds "signature workwear denim capsule." Reynolds explained in a promotional video for the product:

I'd say I've been with Emerica since ... 12, 15 years, something like that. It's never really gone, like, "Oh, now we're doing this! Now we're trying to chase that fad. Now we're doing that." It's just stayed true to skateboarding. It's just simple.

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