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Teiqova (Take ov-a) Film Release

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  • By Brett Muller
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Teiqova (Take ov-a) Film Release

Teiqova (pronounced take over) is a full length skateboarding film produced by Teiqo. Centered in Ballina Northern Rivers NSW is showcases the local talent 'doing with wat the got' and throwing down the hammer.


The @teiqo_skate project started as a couple of long time friends Lay (@sleahya) and Tooza (@turiramsay) began to film their skate sessions. The goal was to inspire new generations and pass on the street skate culture he had enjoyed. Their perspective was clear that 'making do with what you got and exploring your local area for potential skate spots was paramount. The aim to inspire was not to be flash, glittery huge tricks down famous spots, but homegrown talent regardless of age and abilities giving it all they have while having fun.

Project @teiqo_skate has evolved over the years into a loved local brand offering real equity in products and community. Several board drops, shirts, stickers and a zine later Teiqo is about to launch their first full length film Teiqova (pronounced take over).

Teiqova Premiere/Launch Party

Date: 19th of Dec, 2021 & Digital release 20/12/21 You Tube Click HERE.

Location: Truckstop SK8 2/13 De-Havilland Cres Ballina NSW Australia

DM @teiqo_skate or @truckstopsk8 for times & details.

The vid is called Teiqova (pronounced take over)

It was edited by Lay (Leahy) and filmed by Lay and Turi Ramsay (aka Tooza @turiramsay)

Skaters who have parts plus their IG handle are:

Stijn @stijn_de_mondt

Noel Lees @noel.lees

Fryer (no social media)

Leahy (@sleahya)

Kurt Salvaleon (@kurt.ivann) shared with Kai Farrelly (@kai_farrelly)

Also Michal Cheka shot a few photos of the project, which we hope to share at the same time as the movie. His insta is @michalcejka 

One other homie that came on a lot of the missions and deserves a shout out is Sam Smith (@samueldare)

The other hurdle was sorting music. We managed to get music from a number of local artists Including Rash (@rash.cult.69) Power Drill (@powerdrill666) Egnaro (@eastbay_studios) and Thorax. Along with tracks from USA, Japan, Estonia and Belgium


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